When you are facing charges for a traffic violation in Colorado Springs it is important to research the best ways to defend yourself and understand all of the options available.

At the Dickson Law Group, we are a full service law firm and are experienced defense attorneys. We will ensure that you receive aggressive and skilled representation. We provide that through a team of capable lawyers with diverse areas of expertise that allow us to help you.

Upfront pricing for Traffic Court (this may vary based on the complexities of your case). - $750

Some of the charges you might be facing where we can help the most are:

  • Drinking and driving violations

  • Vehicular assault

  • Reckless driving

  • Speeding

  • Driving without a license or with a suspended license

  • Mechanical violations

  • Leaving the scene of an accident

  • Hit & run violations

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Facing charges for a DUI, DUID or DWAI in Colorado Springs can be an extremely stressful and even frightening situation to overcome. And a conviction of these charges can dramatically change your life forever.

At Dickson Law Group we understand these facts. We have successfully defended dozens of cases like this and employ the expertise and experience of our team to make sure we have provided the best defense possible for your situation.

The following “upfront” pricing is provided as a guide. Understand that the complexities and nuances of your case may not fit for this pricing.

  • First time DUI/DUID - $2,500

  • Second time DUI/DUID - $4,500

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If you are facing drug charges in the State of Colorado the consequences can ruin your life. Colorado takes these charges severe and depending on the nature of the crime you have been accused of, you may be facing federal charges – and these can be even more serious.

Defending these types of charges requires strong, experienced, and aggressive attorneys. Besides handling many cases involving drug charges, Dickson Law Group is well versed in how to successfully minimize the penalties and preserve your rights.

Some of the cases you might be up against that we have defended are:

  • Possession

  • Distribution

  • Prescription fraud

  • Manufacturing drugs

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