If you are going through the intense stress of divorce and you realize that the process will not be a smooth one, then you have come to the right place. If you have been accused of or are the target of abuse, if there is an extramarital affair involved, and/or your ex is "lawyered-up" then you need the advice and assistance of capable and compassionate legal counsel.

At Dickson Law Group we have handled dozens of cases involving but not limited to alimony payments, winning child custody, division of assets, homeownership, even cases where your character is being threatened.  

We offer a free initial consultation - we know it is important that you feel comfortable with our experience in handling the intricacies of your case and that we can successfully handle your case. 

We feel it is important to give you upfront pricing to know what to expect. In most divorce cases we are able to proceed with a simple retainer of $3,500.

Permanent Protection Order $2,500.

Domestic Violence/ 3rd Degree Assault $2,500

(We cannot put an exact price tag on every divorce case we work on, nor can we promise that the fee quoted might not reflect the complications with your specific case that could alter the final fees. This price is what our cost for service will be in most circumstances. The actual fees may vary depending upon specific facts and circumstances of your incident. This is meant to give you a guide to plan with).

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When choosing an attorney to assist you with child custody it is important to identify how savvy the lawyers are when it comes to the nuances of Colorado child custody law.  The child custody laws in Colorado assume that joint custody is in the best interests of children in most cases when a couple is getting divorced.  This is not the case when both parents are opposed to joint custody, if the relationship is hostile, or if one of the parents is unfit.

Dickson Law Group has negotiated successfully for many parents in these stress-filled situations. We can assist you with this process. For a better understanding of the details of your case and to help you determine the best course of action,

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The guideline the State of Colorado uses in Child Support cases can be complicated and strict when it comes to making a determination of the amount of child support that should be paid. Parents are allowed to come up with their own child support agreements, but it these get too far away from the guidelines of the state there is a good chance they will not be approved by the court.

This is why it is important to have the counsel of a qualified, experienced family law attorney to assist in putting together the kind of child support agreements and strategies that will meet the requirements of Colorado's unique child support laws and the needs of all the parties involved. At Dickson Law Group, we have handled many child support cases and can assist you in handling yours with your best interests in mind and meet the requirements of the court.  

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Adoption is an important process that can create loving and supportive families for children of all ages. It can also be a highly stressful process to go through, no matter your circumstances for wanting to adopt.

At Dickson Law Group our experienced and compassionate attorneys can help you navigate the requirements and processes necessary to finalize a successful adoption journey for you. Many of your questions and concerns can be handled in a free initial consultation. Contact us today! Click to the Scheduling Calendar.