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There are a dozen steps necessary to the successful incorporation of a business in the State Of Colorado. From naming your business, to filing the necessary articles of incorporation, preparing bylaws, and many more. It's important to have the right counsel to assist you through this often complicated process.

This is where Dickson Law Group can be of assistance. We can help you and your business get on the right path toward successfully conducting business in Colorado.

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Of course, the best time to get legal advice about entering into an agreement with a contract is to do it prior to your signing of that agreement or creating the contract. Any new legal document and agreement in writing can have a dramatic impact on your finances, your time, and your responsibilities.

Dickson Law Group can help protect your money, your interests, and your goals by reviewing your agreements, advising you on negotiations, and providing simplified explanations of the impact an agreement can have on you and/or your business. Whether you are a business who handles many contracts every week or are an employee being asked to sign a confidentiality agreement you can do the important work prior to entering those agreements. Contact us for a free initial consultation.


Because of the frequent changes to federal, state, and local employment laws it is can be an enormous challenge for employers and employees to stay on top of how these changes can influence the workplace.

At Dickson Law Group we pride ourselves on staying out in front of many of these changes and how they can affect both employers and employees. Some of our areas of specialty in employment law include: religious freedom issues, federal employment law, federal contractor employment, security clearances, and workplace discrimination. 

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Many types of disputes can arise within the context of conducting business on a daily basis. Some of these include partnership disputes, RICO claims, and contract disputes.

At Dickson Law Group you can expect that your business legal case will be handled professionally, creatively, with sound judgment, and with the goal to achieve the best legal and financial outcome for our clients. Many of your questions and concerns can be handled in a free initial consultation. Contact us today!