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CHAPTER 7 - "Fresh Start"

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when you are able to have most of your debts wiped out. It was created to give those who are in what seems like a hopeless situation a "fresh start" on their financial health. There are certain debts  that are not included like child support, alimony, student loans, and most debts to government agencies.

It is possible to file for bankruptcy on your own. However, giving yourself the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy law firm, like Dickson Law Group, can vastly improve and quicken your return to financial fitness.

Our lawyers can help you determine how to keep certain property, discharge all of the debt that is entitled to eliminate.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation to see how we can help.

Upfront Pricing for Bankruptcy - $1200 (not including the filing fees required by the State

CHAPTER 13 - "Wage Earners" Plan

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is used by those facing serious debt issues who want to maintain ownership of certain assets, like a home or car. This is often called a "debt adjustment" bankruptcy plan or even a “wage earners” plan because to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you must have a “regular source of income”.

Because Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a very complex process and requires the experience and knowledge of a qualified bankruptcy law firm.  Having the right strategy in place with the advice of a capable team of lawyers, as you would have with Dickson Law Group, can save $1,000’s.

With a free initial consultation, you can learn how an experienced lawyer can help you.

Upfront Pricing for Bankruptcy - $1200 (not including the filing fees required by the State