December 11, 2020 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Business Owners File First Amendment, Right To Assemble, Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Restrictions

ATTORNEYS Joseph O’Keefe and Perry Sanders stated:

The mental health issues and the financial devastation associated with the current shut down of coffee shops, restaurants and taverns, is hard to fathom. Fortunately for Colorado, we have a well-intentioned and open-minded Governor, Jared Polis. We are positive that Governor Polis is compassionate, and we hope that when he looks at the issues raised in the lawsuit from a 1st amendment and mental health perspective, will reach the conclusion he should expedite the re-opening of these businesses. If he does that, he will put these small businesses on the same footing as “big box” stores and acknowledge Colorado citizens' right to assemble where they see fit.


We wish our Governor the best in this tough balancing act he is charged with, and hope he comes to the conclusion that the relief requested in the lawsuit is appropriate and should be implemented immediately.





Joseph O’Keefe

Dickson Law Firm



Perry Sanders

Sanders Law Firm